Kornblum Investigations

California License No. 188318, kornbluminvestigations@gmail.com (site pending)

It's not all cloak and daggers, you know

I've always been nosy. Not in a bad or rude way, I'd like to think, but in a wanting-to-get-to-the-bottom of things kind of way. I like digging for information. I like looking for it. I like finding it. I love delivering it. Investigation is all about telling a story. I specialize in interviewing witnesses and helping attorneys represent them to the best of their abilities. I got my first gig working as an investigator straight out of college. I clawed through old paper records, conducted surveillances, and delivered subpoenas for Hayward Harrison Blake Jr. My work today gets me out of the office and onto the streets as a contractor for the Alternate Defender Office in Contra Costa County. I also incorporate my expertise in technology and social media. I am accepting assignments.